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Most probably, after seeing this site, there is one simple question remaining: WHAT THE H.?

It’s pretty confusing. The aura of the cryptic and the scent of mystery is at least kind of wanted, if not the unspoken goal here. But still, giving you as a seeker for information a few hints on your magic treasure hunt to finding out all branches of URBANDREAMFACTORY almost certainly won’t do any harm.

First of all, yes, you were right. This is a company that produces things that seemingly have no relation whatsoever apart from the company, that is the one to unite them all. Not trying to companysplain, there is first and almost as famous as first the media producing branch or brand, that focuses on yes, you guessed right, on producing media. To give the unborn child a name, this brand is called ‘DREAMANSIONS’. There are many subbrands united in DREAMANSIONS, like image, which includes photography, illustration, and graphic, video, which includes dreamansions studio and film. To differentiate the two you can say, that film produces movies and studio all the other videos. Then there is audio, which just isn’t as well defined as the other ones, but generally speaking, it provides the sound and music for our other productions and crosses over a little bit with another big brand, namely FOURFIVEDREAMS. This is not exactly the music brand, but much more an artist name. The just named branches all together produce content for various platforms, most of them with their homes located in the doubleyoudobledoubleyou.

Then, there is THINKERSTREAM. The brand for creative ideas, a magazine purely based on the idea of following the thoughts, crystalizing them, and writing them down in a readable format. It’s all about ideas.

CHAOSCAST, is a german podcast about every topic you should talk about. The two hosts take it at least sometimes quite seriously and this is were it already ends. It’s a recorded conversation, a discussion, sharing interesting topics and ideas about the world we live in.

Cause there is this thing called social media, most of our brands or branches are represented on different platforms, sometimes with a variation in content, when it suits the platform more.

And that’s about it.


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